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 A special thank to Giovanni Scacciaferro



International Literary Prize “Juan Montalvo”

The Consulate General of Ecuador in Milan
The Ecuadorian Centre of Art and Culture in Milan
In partnership with:
The Department of Sociology and Social Research at the Università degli Studi – Milano-Bicocca
The Department of International and Diplomatic Organizations of the University Campus “Ciels”

present the 4th Edition of the
“Juan Montalvo” International Literary and Photographic Award
for poetry, narrative and photography inspired by:
history, geography, migration and protection of the environment.




1) Entry to the competition is free.
2) Section “A” Poetry. Section “B” Narrative. Section “C” Photography. All sections must be inspired by the themes laid out above.
3) To enter, download the entry form here, fill in, sign and scan the entry form, then send it off before September 30, 2014 to: with a poem, a short story (max. 5 pages WORD) or a photo (JPG format), published or unpublished, together with a brief curriculum vitae.
4) Candidates may enter for more than one section.
5 ) Both Italians and foreigners can enter the competition, writing in any language.
6) The written work and photographs must not contain abusive or obscene material as it may be disqualified at the discretion of the jury.
7) The judges’ decision is final.
8) 10 participants will be selected for each section.
9) The 30 selected authors will be notified by email by october 15th, 2014.
10) A final winner will be determined for each section.
11) The organization will publish a book in digital format with the 30 selected works.
12) The selected authors will donate the rights of the selected works for the publication, and will be contacted for their signature handing over these rights.
13) The awards ceremony will take place in Milano on November 28th 2014, the exact location will be announced via email to all those selected.
14) The winners of each section will receive a sculpture, symbol of the prize, and all those selected will receive a certificate of merit.
15) Prizes must be collected in person or by a delegated person.16) The cost of travel will not be refunded.



Roberto Malini (President for Italian, English and French Poetry);
Carmen Rivadeneira Bustos (President for Spanish Poetry);
Ninnj di Stefano Busà, Michael Rothenberg, Maurizio Cucchi, Franco Loi, Davide Rondoni, Alessandro Quasimodo, Carmelo Consoli, Gianni Ianuale, Corrado Calabrò.

Hafez Haidar (President for Italian, English and French Prose)
Daniele Gallo (Vice-President for Italian, English and French Prose)
Arturo Santos Ditto (President for Spanish Prose)
Sveva Casati Modignani, Gianni Vattimo, Giuseppe Benelli, Rodolfo Vettorello, Roberto Sarra.

Nicolò Leotta (President)
Karla Yoselyn Cobeñas (Vice-President)
Dario Picciau , Giorgio Magarò, Don Alessandro Vavassori.


President’s Award Dr. Guaman Allende.

Honorary President Dr. Narcisa Soria Valencia.

General Coordinator of Culture: Prof. Hafez Haidar.



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