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International Literary Prize “Juan Montalvo”

After two editions of the International Literary Prize “Integrating culture through literature”, the Consulate General of Ecuador and the Ecuadorian Center of Art and Culture in Milan, in collaboration with the Department of Foreign Languages ​​and Literatures and Linguistics and Mediation Cultural Studies at the University of Milan studies, presented the International Literary Prize “Juan Montalvo“ Poetry, Short Stories, and Photography,

inspired Histories, geographies and landscapes migrants or safeguarding the environment

For many centuries the unilateral gaze Europe designed the geography and history of the world, coming and starring as the rationality of Western philosophical knowledge. Despite the seemingly neutral language support impersonal geometry, the world, from the sixteenth century appeared as an allocation of resources and perspectives only in Europe, unlike geography of subjugation, war, slavery and terror inflicted on others in the world. Enter landscapes of other people, different ways of reading, drawing, watching nature, terrestrial living spaces means questioning the European point of view and find that the same space, the same territory is crossed by different histories and cultures, while the landscape , becomes a place of many stories intertwined and overlapping. The social geography, which focuses on mobility and mutability of the territory, and literature with their particular vocation to capture the feelings and interpret the stories of those in transit, redrawing the map by its nature “migrant”, revealing the complexity that was installed on the floor, in the contours of the landscape, even in traces scattered at sea, witnesses routes and painful separations from the mother country. A changing landscape open and is valuable in the testimony of those who leave – the traveler, the homeless, immigrants, exile – and the different perspectives of those who remain, accept, reject, encourages and promotes the ways of integration.

About new geographies finally redesigned from the southern hemisphere, we highlight a revolutionary ecological project Ecuador: Yasuni Park, undertaken in 2007 by the will of President Rafael Correa. An initiative to end the exploitation of fossil fuels in an area with high biological and cultural sensitivity, Advocating biodiversity and preventing the emission of four hundred and seven million tons of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, is both a sign of respect towards voluntary isolation some indigenous groups in the Amazon region of Ecuador ( Based on these considerations and the high sensitivity of the Ecuadorian government to protect the environment of our planet, Italian and foreign invited to participate in our literary competition, we have decided to dedicate to Juan Montalvo, a prominent literary figure of 800 Ecuadorian. The jury will select ten finalists from each section, to be published in digital, in cooperation with sponsors, including the Municipality of Milan, Città Fomun Mondo. A winner will be determined for each section. During the event, among the thirty selected, will be removed a week-long trip in Ecuador with a fabulous trip to the Yasuni National Park.


1) Entry to the competition is free.

2) “A” Poetry. Section “B” Short Story. Section “C”. Photographs. All the sections should be inspired to safeguarding the environment or migration / integration.

3) To enter, download document news . Fill it out and send it in its entirety July 31, 2013 to: with a poem, a short story (max . 5 pages WORD) a picture (in JPG format), published or unpublished, together with a brief curriculum vitae.

4) Each candidate may participate in several sections.

5) Participation is Italian and foreign, writing in any language.

6) The writings and photos must not contain abusive or obscene, otherwise will be disqualified at the discretion of the jury.

7) The jury’s decision is final.

8) The authors selected will be notified by email by 30 September 2013.

9) Selected authors will donate and authorize the publication rights to their work and will be duly contacted to sign the contract.

10) The awards ceremony will take place at the Milan 29 november 2013. Exact date and venue will be announced by email to all participants.

11) The winners of each section will receive a prize symbol sculpture.

12) Prizes must be picked up in person or by a person delegated.

13) No reimbursement for travel expenses or hotel.

14) that will play the selected trip to Ecuador, if not present at the awards ceremony will be immediately notified via email.


Poetry: Gianni Turchetta (President), Vivian Lamarque, Ninnj di Stefano Busa, Maurizio Cucchi Franco Loi, Roberto Malini, Davide Rondoni, Corrado Calabrò, Alessandro Quasimodo.

Stories: Emilia Perassi (President), Sveva Casati Modignani, Nicoletta Vallorani, MariaVittoria Calvi, Gianni Vattimo, Haidar Hafez, Lenìn Lara R., Adrian Bravi.

Photo: Maria Rosa Jijon, (Chairman), Andrea Dynners, Enrique Sepulveda, Schiocchet Elvio, Popolizio Francesco, Don Alessandro Vavassori, Marco Carraro, Piretto Giampiero.

President’s Award Dr. Guaman Allende.

Honorary President Dr. Narcisa Soria Valencia.

Secretary Dr. Irina bajini



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